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Southampton University Research Projects

Image shows the logos of the sustainable renewable energy research Southampton University.

Submitted: 18 November 2005 This is a collection of small scale research projects.


Projects include the following: SUE Waste Project 3 “Appropriate scales and technologies for bioprocessing of organic urban wastes, including energy production from anaerobic digestion” – looking into Anaerobic Digestion as a part of the waste management process.

TRIF PS: “Particle size requirements for effective bioprocessing of biodegradable municipal waste”- looking into the optimum particle size for waste to be broken down to.
TRIF MBR: “Anaerobic membrane bioreactor technology for biodegradable waste stabilisation”. An investigation into a proposed method for making the AD process more efficient.

More Information

Full details on all these projects can be found in the Waste Management Research Group section of this site