Holsworthy Biogas Plant: Andigestion Leading the Way in AD Operations

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The Holsworthy Biogas Plant, located in Dobbles Lane Industrial Estate in Holsworthy, Devon (EX22 7HH), has long been considered a forerunner in the region’s anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities but things are only getting better, as you will find out in this update to our original 2017 article on this AD plant.

This cutting-edge plant continues to support sustainable waste management, renewable energy production, and local economic development under the ownership of Andigestion, a renowned industry leader.

The Vision of Andigestion and Operational Improvements:

Holsworthy Biogas Plant
Holsworthy Biogas Plant

Andigestion, the current owner, has brought its knowledge and dedication to sustainability to the Holsworthy Biogas Plant. Taking a proactive approach, the company has undertaken a number of key operational improvements to assure the plant’s future success.

Andigestion’s emphasis on improving the facility’s performance resulted in significant investments in modernising and expanding its infrastructure. Notable enhancements include the construction of improved gas and digestate storage facilities, streamlined delivery handling systems, and storage tank modernisation. These improvements allow the plant to treat a wide range of organic waste materials efficiently while maintaining optimal operational conditions.

Increased Capacity and Diversified Input Sources:

The Holsworthy Biogas Plant, now owned by Andigestion, has increased its input sources to include a greater range of organic waste products. The plant now accepts a variety of biomass feedstocks, including agricultural residues, green trash, and organic byproducts from local companies, in addition to bovine slurry, slaughterhouse waste, and food processing waste. This extended spectrum of inputs demonstrates Andigestion’s dedication to waste management and resource recovery.

The processing capacity of the plant has been greatly improved to match the increased volume and variety of inputs. Holsworthy Biogas Plant cements its position as a regional leader in sustainable waste management and resource utilisation with the renovated facility, which can now handle up to 140,000 tonnes of organic waste annually.

Community Benefits and Energy Generation:

Under Andigestion’s management, the Holsworthy Biogas Plant, a vital participant in the local energy environment, continues to create renewable electricity and heat. The facility has a 2.1MW installed electrical capacity with an average output of 1.2MW. It also generates 1.5MW of heat, which contributes greatly to the decarbonization of the region’s energy supply.

Andigestion is still dedicated to promoting local economic development. The facility continues to create job opportunities in the neighbourhood, fostering a competent workforce. Furthermore, by providing low-cost heating obtained from the AD process, the facility directly benefits the community, promoting long-term growth and environmental stewardship.

Goals for Future Expansion and Sustainability:

The vision of Andigestion for the Holsworthy Biogas Plant goes beyond its current accomplishments. Additional storage facility renovations are planned, as well as the installation of an innovative steam injection heating system and sophisticated on-site monitoring capabilities. These improvements are intended to increase efficiency, optimise resource utilisation, and position the plant at the cutting edge of AD technology.

When these renovations are finished, the power output of the Holsworthy Biogas Plant is predicted to reach an astonishing 2.5MW, while the heat production is planned to climb to 3MW. These increased capacities will not only cement the facility’s position as a top renewable energy generator, but will also contribute to the region’s more sustainable and robust energy infrastructure.


The Holsworthy Biogas Plant remains at the forefront of sustainable waste management, renewable energy production, and local economic growth under the ownership of Andigestion. Andigestion assures the facility’s continuous performance through strategic investments, operational improvements, and a commitment to innovation, firmly establishing it as a beacon of environmental responsibility and technological advancement in the AD sector.

The Holsworthy Biogas Plant has reached new heights because of Andigestion’s competence and commitment to sustainability.

In addition to its operational accomplishments, Andigestion actively participates in research and development projects to investigate new plant possibilities. Andigestion is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of anaerobic digestion technology by collaborating with industry professionals and local stakeholders.

Andigestion strives to improve plant efficiency, increase energy generation, and reduce environmental impact by continuously optimising operations and exploring creative solutions. In accordance with national and international sustainability goals, the company recognises the importance of sustainable practises, contributing to the circular economy, and minimising waste output.

Furthermore, Andigestion’s collaboration with local farmers continues to be a key component of the Holsworthy Biogas Plant’s operations. Farmers in the surrounding areas continue to benefit from digestate, a nutrient-rich byproduct of the AD process. This collaboration not only aids in the appropriate management of organic waste, but it also promotes sustainable agriculture practises by providing a beneficial organic fertiliser option.

Andigestion’s ownership of the Holsworthy Biogas Plant strengthens its position as an example for sustainable waste management, renewable energy production, and local economic growth. The facility’s ongoing expansion and innovations demonstrate the company’s commitment to generating good change in the AD sector as well as its commitment to environmental sustainability.

Finally, the Holsworthy Biogas Plant thrives as a pioneering AD plant under Andigestion’s ownership. The facility showcases best practices in waste management, renewable energy production, and community participation through strategic investments, operational improvements, and consistent dedication to sustainability. The Holsworthy Biogas Plant remains a bright example of sustainable development and a catalyst for a greener, more resilient future, as Andigestion continues to push the boundaries of anaerobic digestion technology.

The original article published in 2017 is archived below:

Holsworthy Biogas Plant

selectSubmitted: 18 November 2005 Operator: Summerleaze Location: Dobbles Lane Ind Estate, Holsworthy, Devon. EX22 7HH


This is a centralised AD facility. The plant is designed to achieve several goals- nutrient management for local farmers, waste management for local industries, local employment, low-cost heating for the town, and renewable electricity production for the grid.

Originally a community project, Summerleaze took over in March 2005 and has invested in upgrades, including an additional storage tank, new offices, improvements to the gas system, and new odour control.

Planned improvements include new gas and digestate storage facilities, delivery handling facilities, upgrades to existing storage tanks, a steam injection heating system, and improvements to on-site monitoring facilities.


Including cattle slurry, abattoir waste, and food processing waste. The operators are also experimenting with energy crops such as maize. Processing capacity is up to 140,000 tonnes/ year. The plant currently takes around 80,000 tonnes/ year. Required energy input: 200kW electrical, 1MW heat.


Installed electrical capacity: 2.1MW, with a current average of 1.2MW. Heat: 1.5MW Digestate will be offered to local farms.
With the upgrades complete, 2.5 MW power and 3MW heat are planned.

More Information

“Summerleaze An-digestion”

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